Back to school (school of life).

In efforts to discipline myself to write down my “learnings”, I’ve decided to start writing again. I know I can write and I enjoy writing if I can find a mental space for it, but frankly, I’ve been lazy. But the buck stops here because now it’s not about me anymore. It’s about sharing my experiences  to anyone, with hopes that it will be useful knowledge in some way or other.

Early this year, I accepted a grant from the Asia Center Fellowship Program ( to conduct my research on “The Roles of Alternative Spaces + Fabrication Labs in the Development of Media Art”. It’s a short-term research project for almost 3 months and it allows me to take time off to deepen my knowledge in other areas related to my practice. Part of this work requires me to travel to Japan, Manila and Jogjakarta, where I’d get to observe and to talk to people whom are doing great works in their areas.

I hope to use this platform to share what I have learned.





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